After School Class Descriptions

2D Mixed Media Experimentation: Painting, Photography & Printmaking

This art exploration class is bursting with different opportunities for children to experiment with 2-dimensional art in painting, photography, and printmaking. Centered around the giant 8-foot paint palette, children are invited paint and explore mark making, color mixing and movement. Children will also be introduced to digital photography and printmaking techniques in the same experimental fashion.

Le Petit Théâtre: Dramatic Arts, Music & Dance

The theatrical takes over when children explore the dramatic arts through plays and performances. Children will explore French culture and learn the French language through a variety of fun activities adapted to their unique interests and strengths. Theatricality is also examined through creative writing, puppet-making, performance, costume and set design inspired by French and Francophone writers, composers and performers.

Singing Class

Come and sing in French with Josephine! Singing is as natural as breathing for children, so let's do it together and experience the joys of singing in French. Children will receive lessons in rhythm and pitch through songs, movement exercises, and dance to develop their musical ear, but als to discover sounds, notes, and instruments.

"La Petite Cuisine" French Cooking Class

Students will develop their culinary skills each week and try new recipes each week. "Un, deux, trois c'est prêt!" Let's cook and have fun in French with our professional French chef, Stephanie Quairel. The class offers a diversity of both savory and sweet recipes, from 'Madeleienes' and chocolate fondant to stuffed tomatoes and vegetable ruban salads. Kids will observe, touch, and taste ingredients whenever possible before transforming them into something new and delicious. Every week, kids will discover new ingredients, flavors, textures, smells, cooking utensils, as well as French words as they open their taste, eyes, and minds to new culinary adventures.