After School Class Descriptions

2D Mixed Media Experimentation: Painting, Photography & Printmaking

This art exploration class is bursting with different opportunities for children to experiment with 2-dimensional art in painting, photography, and printmaking. Centered around the giant 8-foot paint palette, children are invited paint and explore mark making, color mixing and movement. Children will also be introduced to digital photography and printmaking techniques in the same experimental fashion.

"La Petite Cuisine" Global Cooking

Our professional chef, Eglantine Cudey, shares her passion for food with kids through French speaking, fun and interactive cooking classes. At La Petite Ecole, we cook everything from scratch using the freshest seasonal and wholesome ingredients. Kids observe, touch and, of course, taste ingredients whenever it is possible before starting to transform them. Every week, through sweet and savory recipes specifically developed for small hands and demanding palates, kids discover new ingredients, flavors, textures, smells, cooking tools as well as French words and open their taste, eyes and mind to new experiences.

Class Registration Policy: After school class schedules and availability are subject to change. Registration does not guarantee the availability of any class. The minimum required number of registered students is three students for a class to occur. La Petite Ecole reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment. In the event of a cancelled class, registered students who have paid tuition will have the option of enrolling in another class at no additional charge or will receive a full refund of tuition paid.

Exploring Video  & Animation
In our video and animation class, children delve into 3-dimensional artwork incorporating mixed media and found objects into sculpture. Children will also learn basic animation techniques, including Zoetrope, stop-motion and green screen, to bring their sculptures to life. Through animation, children will learn how to invent narratives and stories through drawings, story telling and pictures. The methods will capture the imagination into techniques used by the artist to unfold ideas into sequences and scenes that eventually would mature into a story, movement or an animation. Taught by Contemporary artist Christine Rebet.

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Le Petit Théâtre: Dramatic Arts, Music & Dance
Theater, dance and music take over when children explore the dramatic arts through plays and performances. Children will explore French culture and learn the French language through a variety of fun activities adapted to their unique interests and strengths. Theatricality is also examined through creative writing, puppet-making, performance, costume and set design inspired by French and Francophone writers, composers and performers.