Academic Calendar 2021-2022

La Petite Ecole follows the New York City's Public School for
 weather alerts and snow days. 
Calendar susceptible to change pending on NYC Department of Education calendar

Monday, September 6Labor Day
Monday, August 30th through Tuesday, September 7thProfessional training
Thursday, September 2nd or Friday, September 3rd in the afternoon.Individual play date with the teachers at school. Let us know if you would like to secure a time slot.
Wednesday, September 8First day of school
Tuesday September 14 - 9-10 AMOnline Curriculum "morning" for Washington Square
Tuesday September 14 - 5-6 PMOnline Curriculum "night" for Upper West Side
Monday, October 11th through Friday, October 15th (school closed)Mid-term recess (includes Columbus Day)
Tuesday, October 12th, Wednesday October 13th and Thursday, October 14th (school closed)Professional training
Thursday, October 21 (school open) - 5:30-7 PMParents Night for Upper West Side (save the date)
Thursday, October 28 (school open) - 5:30-7 PMParents Night for Washington Square (save the date)
Wednesday, November 24No afternoon session - early dismissal
Thursday, November 25th through Sunday, November 28th (school closed)Thanksgiving Recess
Friday December 32022-2023 Admission deadline for continuing students
Wednesday, December 8 (school closed)Parent/Teacher Conferences
Friday, December 17th through Sunday, January 2nd (school closed)Winter Recess
Monday January 32022-2023 Tuition deposit deadline for continuing students
Friday, January 14 (school closed)Professional training
Friday, January 14th through Monday, January 17th (school closed)Martin Luther King Jr. Day Weekend
Monday February 21st to Friday February 25th (school closed)Mid-term recess (includes Presidents Day)
Wednesday, March 16 (school closed)Parent/Teacher Conferences
From Wednesday April 13 through Friday April 22 Spring RecessSpring recess
Wednesday April 13, Thursday April 14Professional training
Friday, May 27 early dismissalLa Petite Ecole School Party / End of the Year show (save the date)
Friday, May 27th through Monday, May 30th (school closed)Memorial Day Weekend
Tuesday, June 7Last day of school for 2 day program
Friday, June 10Last day of school for 3 and 5 day programs
Monday, June 20th through Friday, July 15thLa Petite Ecole Summer Camp