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Mirna M. 
Our nearly 3-year-old daughter has been enrolled at La Petite Ecole for 3 months. We are an English-speaking family and she has had no prior exposure to the French language. Within a week she was counting in French. Within 4 weeks she was singing in French. Within 2 months she was interspersing French words into daily conversation, comprehending basic conversation, and asking us "how do you say that ins French" about everything! The artsy, cozy setting in the first floor of a brownstone, is the perfect blend of New York and France!

The director is passionate about the art- and exploration-based approach to learning. The teachers are warm, knowledgeable, and nurturing. We were anxious at enrollment as this was our daughter's first separation experience from both her parents and nanny. The educators at LPE transitioned her beautifully with frequent updates - she was comfortable and excited to go to school within a week.

We have found the LPE parent community to be welcoming, down to earth, and interesting. We look forward to continuing to engage with this community both in and out of school. Our daughter has flourished at LPE and we can't wait to see how she continues to grow over the next 2 years. Recommend without any reservation!

K G.
An artistic and caring, individual approach to teaching.  Small class sizes and a charming class space made the school a clear choice for us.  A solid indoctrination to the French language, for families that speak no French or who are flue

Very happy with LPE & its staff.

Highly recommend.

Ana B.
We absolutely love this boutique preschool - over the years we have sent our two kids here and now hope to send our third when he hits preschool age. The nurturing environment, individuated attention, caring and warm team of teachers, and thoughtfully curated educational program with a combination of language immersion and a focus on the arts makes for a fantastic experience for the kids; and the francophone and international community of families and teachers is really lovely - we feel lucky and grateful to be a part of this place and to have our kids grow and develop here. La Petite Ecole feels like home and offers early childhood education at its very best.

John M. 
Great Pre-Kschool! Virgil de Voldère's team uses a finely tuned blend of progressive educational theories and project based learning. This is supplemented with museum visits, a series of visiting artists (the inspiring Hervé Tullet!) and a lot of making and doing. The obvious benefits of French immersion aside, our son loves LPE, it's like an extended family for him and he's flourished during his time there.

Ross R. 
In the Upper West Side educational landscape, preparation, "exmissions", and high-stakes milestone-making seem to be the norm.  The educational approach of La Petite École stands out as a welcome contrast to this trend, focusing primarily on the happiness of the children both individually and as a group as the organizing principle from which to motivate them.  Borrowing from the Reggio Emilia approach of kid and group-directed learning, the staff work hard to follow the passions of the children to find what naturally motivates them.  As a result, the (often creative and artistic) series of projects and themes around which children proceed to learn always feels authentic, and the children seem very engaged.  The staff and the director are clearly driven by a passion for their school and the children who attend.  Our son's enthusiasm to attend school and the comfort he finds in it is a true testament to this passion; at drop-off we see our son quickly slip off into his "other world", comfortably transitioning to a happy world of friends and French.  This school is far from the norm, but the wonderful staff and family community combined with the amount of effort placed into it makes it a truly unique gem.

Antonia A. 
Two of our children have adored the La Petit Ecole experience. It's an incredible educational environment that opens children to French while also teaching them to be kind, thoughtful and creative contributors to a community.