La Petite Ecole's methods are built upon children's inquiry, curiosity and explorations, happening in the Salon de Curiosité (Discovery Room) and the Atelier (Art Studio).  

Salon de Curiosité
The Salon de Curiosité (right) is a space dedicated to children's cognitive development, enabling them to learn at their own pace and through educator-directed activities. 

The Salon de Curiosité contains books, painting, learning puzzles, blocks, sculptures, sensorial materials, and works on paper. It also features the artworks of visiting artists. The children are given the opportunity to observe closely a work of art and ask questions about it. The teacher facilitates children’s explorations of concepts in these pieces. 

The Atelier (left) is dedicated to children’s social and emotional development, where painting, building, sewing, and cooking activities take place. In the Atelier, inspired by Arno Stern's "Closlieu" studio set-up, we have created a space to maximize creative freedom and avoid preconceived representations. 

An artist visits the Atelier and explains the art-making process to the class.
 The children then return to their stations to create their own works of art based on their observations and exchanges with the artist and educators.

The room is designed as a "blank canvas" to be filled with the children’s artworks. Children learn to cooperate with others, sharing materials and space at organized setups. 

(* example set on the upper west side location)

Salon de Curiosité, West 82nd street

Atelier, West 82nd street