Once Upon a Time at La Petite Ecole" by Olivier Souchard


The mission of La Petite Ecole is to immerse children in French language and culture, and develop their verbal, motor, social and critical thinking skills through a developmentally appropriate, arts-integrated curriculum. 

Imaginative, hands-on projects are facilitated by native French-speaking educators, incorporating the artworks of acclaimed, visiting contemporary artists from around the world. 

La Petite Ecole is a nurturing environment with an educational philosophy based on children’s interests combining:

• French language immersion
• Arts-integrated curriculum
• Collaboration with critically-acclaimed artists


We believe that early exposure to various art forms and a second language builds a foundation that has an immensely positive impact on the development of a child.

Art provides a vehicle for children to learn skills in other subjects, express their ideas and develop their own voices by creating original objects and performances.

Early immersion in French language and francophone culture plants the seeds of bilingualism and biculturalism, which are essential tools for success in our global society.